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It´s strictly prohibited under possible loss of all rights:

1.1. Driving the vehicle persons not authorized by Luxury Cars, (from now on Luxury) and stated on the reverse.

1.2. Participation in races or contests of any kind.

1.3. To use the vehicle for the transportation of goods.

1.4. To use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles.

1.5. Driving the vehicle under influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

1.6. Travelling in the vehicle more persons than the number specified by the Law for that particular vehicle.

1.7. Cars only may be driven on the island of Ibiza

1.8. The company LUXURY will also provide the client who requires a baby chair, elevator seat, homologated supplements. But the renting party, driver, with the present renting contract will be responsible of the assembly and fastening of these accessories in the inside of the car, as the ages of the children correspond to each system of security, exempting all responsibility of the company LUXURY from any damage that could suffer the user of mentioned system.

1.9. It is not allowed to transport animals inside de vehicle.

1.10. It is strictly forbidden to use the vehicle as a taxi for public use (Pirate Taxy)


2.1. The client will return the vehicle in the place and on the date stated on the reverse and undertake to keep the vehicle, it´s equipment and tools in perfect conditions. Any kind of change should be previously authorized by Luxury should this condition not be obeyed Luxury can lawfully demand the return of the vehicle.

There is a courtesy period of 60 minutes, after which an additional day shall be charged.

2.2. Luxury is fully authorized to withdraw the vehicle of the client at any moment when there is a suspicion that the client is involved in illegal activities, that the vehicle is used in illegal activities or if there are doubts about his solvency.

2.3. The safety deposit will not be refunded until the personnel of Luxury have checked the vehicle.

2.4. The tank of the vehicle is give full and must be returned in the same conditions. If the car is returned in different conditions, the client will be charged for the fuel missing plus a supplement of 15€ as refueling service


The client promises to pay to Luxury:

3.1. The charge of the rental of the vehicle, delivery and collection, insurance, petrol and taxes as indicated in the current rates. On signing the contract, the client shall pay the estimated amount of the lease, plus the applicable amount determined in the current rates as a deposit. This amount shall be returned to the client upon termination of the contract providing it has not been used to pay for any extraordinary charge incurred by the client. A credit card is required to guarantee the rental payment. We will ask you for an open charge on your credit card for petrol and extras.

3.2. The costs of repair or damage caused to the vehicle in case of accident when in accordance with the circumstances as described in articles 1 and 4 of these conditions and the charge of repair including towing charges or any additional expenses when it´s shown that this is due to inexperience or misuse of the vehicle by the client or authorized drivers.

3.3. Traffic fines, reports and official statements draw up against the client or the additional drivers.

3.4. The cost of missing tools, jack tyres, wheel rim, emergency triangles, luminous vest and other accessories of the rented vehicle. In the event of loss, damage or stolen of the keys of the vehicle, also the client will have to pay the cost of the new keys which is approximately between 25 and 150€ depending on the model. As well the loss of helmets is 20€, triangles 20€ and the security jackets 10€.

3.5. The number of days in which the car is immobilized due to accidents, mechanical failure or towed away or retained by the Authorities due to client´s negligence, which the client will compensate in accordance with the current rates of the type of vehicle rented. 


4.1. Luxury is not responsible for traffic fines, reports and official statements drawn up against the client or accidents even in case these are due to mechanical failure.

4.2. Only drivers authorized by Luxury are entitled to the status of being assured.

4.3. The Civil Responsibility of the client with respect to the damages caused to the vehicle in case of fire and theft is totally covered and partially in case of an accident with an insurance excess according to the current rates.This excess is waived if the client at the time of the rental obtains the collision damage coverage.

4.4. In case of accident the client is obligated to the following (under possible loss of insurance):

4.4.1. Contact Luxury within 24 hours from the time that the accident occurred.

4.4.2. Obtain and submit to Luxury all of the data of the other party and possible witnesses within 48 hours after the accident occurred specifying details about the circumstances, the place, date and time of the accident.

4.4.3. Notify immediately the Authorities if the fault of the other party should be investigated or if there are persons injured.

4.4.4. Not to admit or prejudge with whom the blame lays.

4.4.5. Not to abandon the rented vehicle without previously taking the necessary measurements to protectit.

4.5. The insurance excludes:

4.5.1. Accidents due to the influence of alcohol and drugs

4.5.2. Drivers without a valid driving license and drivers not authorized on the contract.

4.5.3. Damage to glasses, damages to the wheel rims or to the tires

4.5.4. Damages caused when the vehicle is driven on untracked roads or roads in bad conditions, or damages due to accidents occurred on untracked roads

4.5.5. Damages caused before or after the rental period started in the contract.

4.5.6. Carried clothing, luggage or other articles inside of the vehicle. Luxury declines all responsibility for injuries to third parties or damage to the vehicle if the client or the authorized drivers deliberately supplied Luxury with false information of his identification, address, driving license etc.

4.5.7. Damages caused to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

4.5.8. The expenses to send a replacement of the vehicles set of keys to the nearest location because of loss, damage, to deliver them at a different location of the agreed return of the vehicle or any other situation when the vehicle is immobilized because of the renter. The company will also be able to charge the renter the cost of the extra days that the vehicle is immobilized because of any of the above mentioned circumstances.

4.5.9. Error of fuel and all the costs involved.

4.5.10. Burnt clutch due to misuse.


5.1. This contract shall be ruled upon and interpreted according to the laws of the country where it is signed.

5.2. Any disputes that may arise under this contract between the Renting Party and the Lessor shall fall within the competence of the Courts corresponding to the area of the head office of the rental company.


6.1. In accordance with the article 5 of the organic Law 15/1999, from December 13th of Personal Data Protection (from now onwards PDP), we inform you in a sharply stated, precise and unequivocal way that the data you provided us with and also those generated during your relationship with our company will be object of a treatment in folders responsibility of Luxury with the aim of maintenance and attachment client-enterprise, including the remittance of communications and informative circular files of interest for the client on the frame of the before said relationship. Your data will be given way in all those cases in which it were necessary for the development, fulfillment and control of the relationship client-enterprise, or if authorized by legal procedures, in which case your data can be ceded, without limitation or excluding character to the police, in fulfillment of the article 12 of the Organic Law 1/1992 of February 21st, about protection of citizen’s security and the order of September 16th 1974 about governmental control of rental cars with or without driver, in development of the second article of the Royal Decree 393/1974, from February 7th. Clients can exercise, at any time, their rights to access, correct, cancel and opposition to Luxury at Avenida San Jose de Sa Talaia, nº32, 07800 Ibiza (Illes Baleares) enclosing a copy of the ID/passport.